In the third quarter of the presidential race, Hillary Clinton received the most donations from rural America — and Republican Fred Thompson was a close second.

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Hillary Clinton is Top Choice of Rural Contributors

3rd quarterIn the third quarter of the presidential race, Hillary Clinton received the most donations from rural America — and Republican Fred Thompson was a close second.

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3rd quarter

Sen. Hillary Clinton received the most in contributions from rural America in the third quarter of this year, according to the Daily Yonder’s analysis of campaign records.

The New York Democrat received $1,165,000 in campaign contributions in the quarter, which included July, August and September. She raised more than her chief rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, who collected just under $1 million. Obama led all fundraisers in rural communities in the second quarter.

Former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson, a Republican, placed a close second to Clinton in rural fundraising during the quarter. Thompson, who has had a lackluster campaign until recently, had $1,040,000 in donations from people living in rural counties.

The rural contributions don’t reflect the quite sudden rise of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who is now near the lead in most Republican polls. Huckabee had the least in contributions from rural America among the major candidates. Huckabee, however, received his contributions from rural communities that hardly qualify as resort areas, places such as Texarkana, Arkansas; Boston, Texas and Forsyth, Missouri.

The top fifty rural counties in total contributions can be found here.

Contributions from rural residents were higher in the third quarter than in previous reporting periods. Rural residents in the third quarter contributed a total of $6.95 million. In the first quarter, rural donations tallied $6.05 million; in the second quarter, rural contributions totaled $5.7 million.

Although total donations from rural counties were higher in the latest reporting period, rural America still gave proportionately less to presidential candidates than metro regions. Rural America is home to about 25 percent of the nation’s population, but only donated nine percent of all the money contributed to candidates in the third quarter.

As in previous reporting periods, the counties and towns that gave the most money to candidates were largely resort areas: Aspen, Colorado; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Charlottesville, Virginia. (Pitkin County, Colorado, home to the ski slopes of Aspen, was among the top five counties in contributions for Republican Rudy Giuliani, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Democrat John Edwards.)

Below are the candidate’s top five counties in contributions:

Candidate County County Seat State Total Contributed
Hillary Clinton (Dem)        
  Albemarle County Charlottesville VA $71,480
  Dukes County Edgartown MA $59,160
  Avery County Newland NC $43,300
  Pitkin County Aspen CO $41,400
  Steuben County Bath NY $29,350
Fred Thompson (Rep)        
  Marion County Jasper TN $45,550
  Bolivar County Rosedale & Cleveland MS $41,850
  Dickson County Charlotte TN $28,750
  Campbell County Jacksboro TN $25,350
  Blount County Maryville TN $25,250
Barack Obama (Dem)        
  Summit County Coalville UT $87,277
  Windsor County Woodstock VT $61,958
  Nantucket County Nantucket MA $54,700
  Dukes County Edgartown MA $52,500
  Merrimack County Concord NH $43,900
Rudy Giuliani (Rep)        
  Pitkin County Aspen CO $45,500
  Pontotoc County Ada OK $42,800
  Florence County Florence SC $42,450
  Blaine County Hailey ID $41,450
  Montgomery County Conroe TX $27,200
Mitt Romney (Rep)        
  Sumter County Bushnell FL $91,500
  Teton County Jackson WY $76,550
  Summit County Coalville UT $33,450
  Montgomery County Conroe TX $25,700
  Iron County Parowan UT $20,244
Bill Richardson (Dem)        
  Lea County Lovington NM $97,200
  Chaves County Roswell NM $44,350
  San Juan County Aztec NM $27,200
  Teton County Jackson WY $23,050
  Grant County Silver City NM $20,300
Ron Paul (Rep)        
  Charles County La Plata MD $9,450
  Hardin County Kountze TX $9,200
  Bartow County Cartersville GA $7,800
  Montgomery County Conroe TX $7,485
  Jefferson County Brookville PA $7,400
John McCain (Rep)        
  Blaine County Hailey ID $47,800
  Coconino County Flagstaff AZ $11,305
  Union County Monroe NC $9,700
  Camp County Pittsburg TX $9,200
  Talbot County Easton MD $8,900
John Edwards (Dem)        
  Pitkin County Aspen CO $13,250
  LaPorte County La Porte IN $12,000
  Anderson County Anderson SC $10,050
  Chatham County Pittsboro NC $9,400
  Fillmore County Preston MN $9,200
Mike Huckabee (Rep)        
  Miller County Texarkana AR $30,950
  Bowie County Boston TX $26,600
  Coweta County Newnan GA $9,700
  Parker County Weatherford TX $5,000
  Taney County Forsyth MO $5,000




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