Give It Up For The Daily Yonder

[imgbelt img=brett.jpg]The Daily Yonder is trying to raise $25,000 to see it through the next year. We’re asking readers to chip in to “keep it rural.”


[imgcontainer left] [img:brett.jpg] Like every good fundraiser, we’re giving premiums. A bumper sticker there, a T-shirt there….and some one-of-a-kind items that only the Daily Yonder could imagine. For instance, if you give $100, you’ll get a banjo lesson with Brett Ratliff (above), an Eastern Kentucky picker who learned from the legends. Read below for more goodies.

The Yonder has been around now for five years. We have only indirectly asked for money over that time.

Now we’re asking for real. See the little box to your left, there at the top of the page. We’re trying to to raise $25,000 to keep the Yonder running through the next year. Click it and give what you can.

There are some really cool premiums for those who can cough up something for the Yonder. More about those in a sec.

First, a reminder of what the Daily Yonder does, which is to bring you news from and about rural communities that simply isn’t being produced in many other places. Just this week, we published two stories from a poll of rural voters in swing states. These stories were picked up by nearly every media outlet, from the New York Times to the New York Daily News to The Daily Beast to ABC to the Huffington Post. Without the Yonder, rural issues and people would be less a part of this presidential campaign.

Our job is to give rural people, writers, places and issues a place and a way to be heard. In the last five years, we’ve published thousands of stories by over 250 different authors, most of whom live in rural America. As the nation grows more urban — and as newspapers continue to close bureaus outside the central city — the Daily Yonder is the one place where the entire focus is rural. 

We need your help to continue what we’re doing — and to make it bigger and better. So click here. And if you don’t like clicking and want to talk to a person, you may call us at 1 (606) 632-3244 if you’d prefer.  (8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern time) 

Now, about those premiums. 

We’ve got the usual stuff. For $25, you get a bumper sticker. For $75, a very handsome T-shirt.

That’s for starters. For $75, you can get a walking tour of Hazard, Kentucky, with novelist Gurney Norman and the man-of-1000-stories Dee Davis. For $100, a banjo lesson from Brett Ratliff, who has learned from some of the mountain’s best players. 

Need a musical jingle for your business or phone answering machine? For $250, musicians Liz McGeachy and Tim Marema will fix you up.

These are just the beginning. Keep checking back on this page for more premiums. For example, an offer coming will be a day at a Texas polka festival with Yonder editors Bill Bishop and Julie Ardery. Food and dance lessons included. How can you resist that?

Thanks to you all for being loyal readers, friends and contributors.