Fancy Sky Goes to Washington

[imgbelt img=Dennis-Whiteweaving530.jpg]A master craftsman, weaving mathematics and Ojibwe tradition, winds up with an artist’s residency in Washington.


Artist Leadership Program.

The program recognizes and supports indigenous community artists and while preserving traditional art and culture.  As a participant, Dennis will study and consult with NMAI experts and explore the museum’s collection of finger weavings. During the two-week residency he will conduct research and make a public presentation about the craft on December 12 at 1 pm in the museum’s Resource Center. 

The Artist Leadership program will also support Fancy Sky’s efforts to generate interest in the nearly extinct craft within his community on the Lac Courte O’reilles Reservation in Wisconsin.  Dennis hopes to create a course in weaving at the LCO College and grow a new generation of weavers.  With the help of the NMAI program, Dennis will work on consolidating his many notebooks of weaving sketches and notes to create a book on the craft.