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Neither Mississippi State Representative Orlando Paden nor Family Nurse Practitioner Mary Williams chose public service. It’s more like public service found them. Both are passionate about their callings, and each works in different ways to make their communities better. Representative Paden, a self described “worker,” says he has always participated in community projects. Now he’s able to help by serving the Mississippi 26th District as a state representative. Nurse Practitioner Williams has grown in her career from entry level nursing to earning a doctorate and specializing in renal care. Now, she uses strong community connections to help treat and prevent kidney disease.  

Representative Orlando Paden

Tell us where you are from. I was born on Harrison Street, in Clarksdale, Mississippi. We later moved to the projects, on Sunflower Lane, Apartment 10e. I’ll never forget the number. We later moved to 10th Street. So, I’ve been in Clarksdale my entire life.   Orlando Paden. Orlando Paden