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The Daily Yonder's Fifth Anniversary Campaign is all about the premiums. Today's feature is The Big Sort, a book by DY co-editor Bill Bishop that will explain why our politics seem so out of whack.

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The Daily Yonder’s Fifth Anniversary Campaign continues this week. Our hope is to raise $25,000 for the Yonder by Election Day. Click on the button on the top left of the page and get to it.

So, save that money you were going to send to a Republican or a Democrat and give it to the DY. They’ve got plenty and, believe us, if you are looking for attention to rural people and places you’re going to get more of that from us than from any of them.

We have a new premium today, an autographed copy of a book by Yonder co-editor Bill Bishop. It’s The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America is Tearing Us Apart. For $150, we’ll ship you a personally autographed copy. 

Is it a good book? Don’t take our word for it. President Bill Clinton loves it. The Big Dog recommends The Big Sort regularly in speeches around the country.

And The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart thought enough of The Big Sort to have a (terrified) Bishop on his show. Watch here

But, really, you should get the real thing. Donate now to the Daily Yonder by clicking on the “Support the Yonder” button on the top left of the page. If you don’t want the book, there are plenty of other cool premiums there for you.



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