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A message from the Rural Assembly

Who said the Brits were namby pamby? The BBC reports that a 41 year old man was sentenced to nine years in the calaboose for robbing a 72 year old postmistress in the Scottish Borders village of Town Yetholm (above). An “aggravating feature” in the sentence was the fact that the office was in a quiet, rural town. 

Sheila Jeffrey, the postmistress at the Town Yetholm branch, didn’t give up without a fight. She struggled with Loyden, who was wearing a motorcycle helmet and was carrying a knife. He eventually ran out of the office when Angela Lyall, Sheila’s daughter, showed up and began attacking the attacker. (Don’t mess with the Scots!)

“This was the targeting of a post office in a quiet, rural location, manned, as you thought, by a single, female postmistress, although as it turned out on the morning her daughter was also there,” the judge said. In rural Scotland there are many “small, single manned and, of necessity, low security post offices and other premises where money is kept in volume. These must remain open, safe and accessible for the benefit of the public at large,” the judge said

A message from the Rural Assembly