Help Celebrate the Daily Yonder’s 10th Anniversary …

We’re kicking off our 10th year of publication the best way we know how: with a request for financial support. Your gift helps the Daily Yonder keep digging for the unique and important stories about rural America.

Join us.

We’ve got a bunch of cool ways to say thank you and we’ll add your name (if you like) to the list of people who keep the Yonder kickin’.


“I talk to reporters – at Bloomberg, NPR, CBS, the Post, the Times – and they all tell me they read the Yonder. I can see it in their stories. The Yonder is shaping the way people think about rural.” — Bill Bishop, founding co-editor of the Yonder


Within each donation tier there are different thank you gifts. We will check with you near the end of the campaign for your premium preference.

(Contribute by phone or check)

Potluck Poster

  • $100

Nothing brings folks, or woodland animals, together like food. This beautiful custom-designed, hand-linoleum-cut, letterpress poster from local Knoxville artist Camp Nevernice. The poster is approximately 13" x 19". Check out a larger version.

Daily Yonder Bumper Sticker

  • $25

Before the Tweet there was the Honk. Show your support for the Daily Yonder through this tried-and-true social networking method, the bumper sticker. The Yonder logo is guaranteed to complement any other political, social or satirical messages that may currently adorn your truck, four-wheeler or automobile.

Daily Yonder Bumper Sticker

  • $25

Daily Yonder Button

  • $25

A good-sized button. Not too big, not too small. Just about right.

DY Pacifier

  • $50

Hush up your baby with this Daily Yonder pacifier.

DY Mesh-back Hat

  • $75

"Trucker hats" are sooo mid-aughts. Luckily this is a mesh-back hat. Features the Daily Yonder's logo and adjustable sizing. Honk honk!

Daily Yonder Tote bag

  • $75

Did you miss the NPR's annual Fall Fund Drive? Not to worry! You can get a cooler tote bag right here.

Daily Yonder Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • $75

We have been out in public when complete strangers have come up and asked to buy the shirt off our back. It wasn't just any shirt they wanted. These people were willing to give up obscene amounts of cash for a Daily Yonder "Keep It Rural" T-shirt. Now the shirt can be yours for a $75 contribution. Designate a size (from Small to Large -- sorry, we're out of Extra Large).

Daily Yonder Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  • $100

It was time to acknowledge that it gets cold from time to time so we have ordered up some long sleeve shirts. This rascal will start conversations unless you wear it under a coat, vest, poncho, or when you are alone. It works well in all of those situations, just ask Sam.

DY Baseball tee

  • $100

Cool 3/4-sleeve tee. Just as appropriate for the diamond as for the office (depending on where you work).

Daily Yonder Stein

  • $150

For water or other cold beverages.

Daily Yonder Phone Case

  • $150

Keep the Daily Yonder in your pocket or purse with this special edition phone case. Fits a wide variety of smartphones. We'll get your details before shipping.

DY Carry-All

  • $150

A sturdy canvas tote bag. This one has handles AND a strap.

Daily Yonder Tights

  • $200

Your eyes do not deceive you. You may not run faster in these tights, but you will look sharper and smarter wearing them. Guaranteed.


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