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We're raising money for The Daily Yonder, and that's a good thing for you. Because you need a jingle and we have some of the best jingle writers in Yonder ready to help.

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This is a new day — the day when every family, every business, every body needs his, her or its own jingle. 

As part of the Daily Yonder’s Fifth Anniversary Campaign, we have just what your life has been lacking: your own tune. For just a small donation (in Hollywood, a jingle will cost you five figures easy; here in Yonder, we’ll do it for a small three, that is $250), two of the best-known musicians in Norris, Tennessee, will write and record your own theme song.

You can donate any amount to the Yonder, of course. Click on the “Support the Yonder” button on the top left of the page, Or, just go here. And we have tons of neat premiums, from bandanas to park tours. Just go here

Your donations will keep the Yonder going, bringing you the only daily news site devoted to rural America.

But the jingle offer is special. The folk duo of Tim Marema and Liz McGeachy is famous across a broad sweep of East Tennessee and beyond. They even provide an example of their Grammy-equivalent work.

And they guarantee your complete satisfaction — which, of course, applies to the Daily Yonder as well.



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