Comment Now On FAR Definition

[imgbelt img=far50000.gif]The federal government is considering new definitions for what would be a “frontier and remote area.” You have until January 4 to comment on the proposed definitions. Read, study and comment. These definitions matter.


links on the ERS site have some helpful maps to see if your area would qualify as “FAR” using different levels of population as criteria. 

Also, the National Center for Frontier Communities has an information page on the FAR methodology here

Changes like this are difficult to get right, especially with the diversity of our rural communities. The federal government is therefore seeking feedback on many issues. 

For example:  Is the 50,000-population threshold the right one?  Is 60 minutes travel time a good measure for someone to be considered remote from that urban center?  When does an area become truly remote?  Are there other measures that do a better job?  

Take a look at the maps, consider your own rural area, and think about whether these questions make sense for the rural situation you see around you. Then send in your comments.

While this new method of calculating frontier and remote areas is not tied to particular programs at this time, providing feedback now helps put concerns into consideration should such methods be used for programs in the future.

Comments may be submitted via email to; mail to Office of Rural Health Policy, Health Resources and Services Administration, 5600 Fishers Lane, Parklawn Building, 5A–05, Rockville, MD 20857; or fax to (301) 443–2803.