Child Poverty Rises in 2000s

[imgbelt img= childpov.jpg] The percentage of U.S. children living in poverty increased
dramatically between 2000 and 2010. The highest proportion of poor
children live in counties with small cities.



The majority of counties in Michigan, through the mid-South to Florida and from Missouri to North Carolina experienced significant increases in their child poverty rates. 

The western Great Plains and the lower northeast experienced a lower increase in their child poverty rates during the same time period.

The table below shows the 25 counties with the highest child poverty rates in 2010.

(Note: In this story, urban counties are those considered metropolitan by the federal Office of Management and Budget. Rural counties are those that are “non-core” according to the OMB. Small city counties are “micropolitan”; they have cities that range between 10,000 and 50,000 residents.)


Roberto Gallardo is an assistant extension professor and economic development specialist at the Southern Rural Development Center at Mississippi State University.