Furious Feet and No Sad Faces

[imgbelt img=youngcoupleathighhill530.jpg]Polka music doesn’t need reviving. Thanks to Mark Halata, the Tex-Czech tradition never died out, and double-time dancing pounds on.


www.HalataMusic.com. The Moravia Store is a very special place. The store has been around in various forms, since 1889 and is open five days a week. The Filip family operates a family friendly saloon with a large collection of vintage advertising signage. There is a great little dance hall in the back.

In the words of Alfred Vrazel, “Where there’s polka, there’s a party.”

Editor’s Note: Mark Halata and Texavia will play Sept. 25 at the Hallettsville Kolache Festival, Halletsville, TX, KofC Hall Pavillion, 3-7 pm, and on Sept. 26 at Victoria County’s Czech Heritage Festival, Victoria, TX, 1-4:15 pm.