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It's been a while since the Yonder has caught up with the controversy over animal ID. Remember the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) — and if you don't there are stories here and here — the regulations that would require every piece of livestock to have its very own number? The US Department of Agriculture said it would help track disease; ranchers and farmers said NAIS would create an unholy mess for many producers.

The use of animal ID numbers had been voluntary. But on September 22, the USDA issued a memorandum that would make NAIS mandatory for most producers.   R CALF USA, a cattle producer group, wrote USDA (and several members of congress) this week protesting the memo. R CALF contends the USDA violated federal administrative procedures because the agency failed to post notice of its intentions or consider public comments on the rule making.

Opposition to the NAIS is strong in some quarters, as this opinion piece demonstrates