Speak Your Piece: Coastal Donor Democrats Need to Wake up about Rural Voters

  • Democrats don’t have to win a majority of the votes in rural America. But they do need to erode Republican margins if they want to succeed in state and national elections. Why aren’t Democrats and their allies willing to spend the relatively modest amounts of money it would take to get their message in front of rural voters?

Fast Takes: The Rural Voter Myth that Won’t Go Away

  • Rural voters broke big for Donald Trump, but his campaign got over the finish line with metro voters. His coalition was notable for its “ordinariness,” not its “pathologies.” Here’s a roundup of election news related to rural people and issues.

One More Time: Rural Voters Didn’t Desert Dems in 2008

  • Pundits point to 2008 as the year rural America turned against the Democratic Party. The implication is that Barack Obama’s race was a motivating factor. Actually, 2008 – the year an African American topped the ticket – was a high-water mark for Democratic popularity in rural. So what happened after the election?

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