Rural by Choice: Karen Fasimpaur

A woman who spent most of her life in cities was ready for a change – and she found it. Karen Fasimpaur moved from Los Angeles to a quiet spot on the Arizona-New Mexico border. She found brilliant nighttime skies, good neighbors and a lower cost of living that allows her to focus on more than just a pay check.

Getting Somewhere in Neutral

The topic of net neutrality provides an opportunity to talk about potentially contentious issues without triggering our fight or flight response. Perhaps there’s a lesson here all of us could apply to other public discussions.

Life in the (Sort of) Fast Lane

Arizona resident Karen Fasimpaur is off the electricity grid but very much connected when it comes to the Internet. Still, living in a remote area required her to make compromises on bandwidth and other options. And she’s one of the…

Living a Good Life Beyond the Grid

When the rural homesite she loved turned out to be a mile (and $80,000) from the nearest power line, Karen Fasimpaur found an alternative: solar energy. A Southwestern homesteader describes how she makes a living in the information economy…