Speak Your Piece: Getting Real about Rural Resilience

  • A national newspaper column urges us to “get real about rural America.” OK, here is what rural communities need: transition, planning, and investment.

Speak Your Piece: Digital Parity Will Help Rural Turn the Corner Economically

  • We need to update our economic models to take into account virtual reality, collaboration platforms, and similar tools that reduce the need for people to be close to be close to each other to create and do their most productive work.

Editor’s Note: Rural America and a Tale of Two Columnists

  • Last week’s New York Times columns by Paul Krugman and David Brooks offer textbook examples of the unhelpful frames that define our conversation about rural America.

Speak Your Piece: What’s Possible in Rural America? Plenty

  • Innovation has always been a driving force in America’s rural economies. Rather than throw up our hands, we should learn from small towns that are successfully enacting regional economic development strategies

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