To Give is to Dance

[imgbelt img=salsa.jpeg]Give to the Daily Yonder, and with this premium we guarantee you will be the most popular person at the next Salsa party. And we ain’t talkin’ dip.


A message from the Rural Assembly

For a mere $50 tax deductible donation to the DY, you will receive an intensive lesson from Edyael Casaperalta in the art and mechanics of Salsa and Merengue dancing. 

Edyael is, yes, a staff member at the Center for Rural Strategies, but, more to the point, she is the daughter of a suave man from the Salsa-dancing district of El Callao in Lima, Peru. Don’t learn to dance from somebody who learned third-hand. Get your instructions from the source. Guaranteed results. Details here. 

Hey, maybe dancing isn’t your thing. If not, look on the premium page here for something more appropriate — books, tours from Brisbane to Hazard, banjo lessons and, of course, T-shirts. 

Go ahead and look. That’s free. 


A message from the Rural Assembly