Politics & Elections: Native American Candidates for Congress

Veteran journalist Mark Trahant draws attention to the field of Native American candidates.


voting_button_final-01Mark Trahant is digging into election coverage of Native American congressional candidates around the country. His latest post at “Trahant Reports” has updates on four races in the West where American Indian candidates are in the running.

A message from the Rural Assembly

Native American candidates are running in Arizona (two districts), Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma (two districts), and Washington, according to Trahant’s online list of candidates. (You can view the information as a list or map — click the map tab, of course.)

Trahant’s reporting shows what thoughtful journalism can do. By covering the seven Native American congressional candidates as a field, he’s drawing attention to the candidates’ similarities, their differences (there are candidates from both parties) and, perhaps most important, the potential influence of the Native vote in American politics.


A message from the Rural Assembly