Food Stamps Cuts Could Hit Rural America Hardest

“SNAP benefits people of every race, zip code, and political persuasion, all across this country. And when we ran the numbers … we uncovered the startling reality that rural areas are often struggling the most.”... READ MORE

Taxpayers Are Funding Crop Insurance ‘Bonanza’ for Private Companies, Report Says

The Land Stewardship Project says farmers are working with “a torn safety net,”while private insurance companies get guaranteed fees and off-load risk to the government.... READ MORE

Analysis: The Mountain State’s Labor Tradition

West Virginia's long history of labor confrontations means residents know a thing or two about the picket line. Mountain State teachers drew on this tradition when they walked out of the classroom earlier this month.... READ MORE

N.Y. Dems Look for New Strategy in 2 Rural Districts

Two rural congressional districts in New York are seeing unusually heavy political activity on the Democratic side of the ballot this year. Fourteen candidates are competing in the June primary for the chance to take on Republican incumbents.... READ MORE

Viewfinder: Shawn Poynter Says So Long

After 15 years with the Center for Rural Strategies – six of them as visual editor of the Daily Yonder – Shawn Poynter is moving back into full-time photography. Poynter reminisces about the people and places he’s photographed and gives us his best tips for finding a parking place in rural America.... READ MORE

‘Rural’ is a big red bowl of tomato soup — or is it?

At quick glance, rural America is a political sea of red. As usual, things aren't so simple — even in Texas.... READ MORE

Editor’s Note: Do Clinton’s ‘Red America’ Comments Show True Colors?

Hillary Clinton tells an audience in India that she won the votes from the parts of America that are productive and forward looking. Where does that leave the rest of us?... READ MORE

‘Organic’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Small’

The USDA guidelines for organic dairies specify seven pages of requirements. The size of the operation isn’t among them. There’s more to milk than the label.... READ MORE

Guns Are Tools; Mixing Them with Fear Is Lethal

We always hear that guns don’t kill people. But obsession with guns and fear about the future might.... READ MORE


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