Now Is the Time to Fight for Fast Internet

The FCC chairman supports defining broadband as speeds that are barely fast enough for browsing, let alone media streaming, video conferencing, or other business-related uses. The question is: What are you going to do about it?... READ MORE

The Trouble with Democrats: Two Leaders Discuss Party’s ‘Rural Problem’

Jay Clarke of Virginia and Matt Barron of Massachusetts each got attention for criticizing the way Democrats seem to have ceded the rural battlefield to Republicans. With Virginia’s gubernatorial race hanging in the balance, these disaffected Democrats share thoughts about why the rural vote matters and what the Dems might do improve their dismal performance.... READ MORE

National Monument Policy Fight Moves to Congress

Since 1906 presidents have used the executive powers granted in the Antiquities Act to protect publicly owned lands and structures like the Grand Canyon, Colonial and Civil War fortifications, and the world’s largest trees. A new bill would strictly limit the president’s ability to create such National Monuments without strict reviews and approval from states and counties.... READ MORE

Suicide and the Rural ER

Rural patients struggling with mental-health issues often use the emergency room as their first point of contact with the medical system. But the next step in treatment is uncertain -- or nonexistent -- for patients without deep pockets.... READ MORE

Opposition from Both Sides Stalls Ag Guestworker Proposal

Large agricultural interests are losing to anti-immigrant groups in the discussion over a revised temporary worker program to provide farm labor. Pro-immigration groups don’t like the bill either because it provides no path to citizenship.... READ MORE

Blue Dogs and Pesticides

Unlike the mystery of the blue-dyed dogs of Mumbai, there's no easy way of figuring out whether new pesticides and GMOs are safe for people, plants, and animals.... READ MORE

Wildfires Redirect or Eliminate Recreation Spending in Rural Areas

Besides devastating loss of life and damage to property and structures, the West’s wildfire season also affects the $887 billion recreation economy that is the lifeblood of some rural communities.... READ MORE

Staying Competitive in the Locally-Owned Restaurant Game

The the world of small town, locally-owned, non-chain restaurants, making good food is the absolute baseline of what you need to survive.... READ MORE

Unique Model Makes Citizens a Funding Partner in Broadband Network

A city in eastern Idaho figured out how to build a gig network for its city of 13,800 residents with no debt and a strong sign-up rate. Maybe there’s a lesson for other communities here.... READ MORE


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