Dem Plan Calls for Investing in Rural Growth Industries

Rural areas still have less employment than they did before the recession. To make up the difference requires “smart” programs that build on rural assets.... READ MORE

Farm Bill Drafts Include Mental Health Program that Was Zeroed out in 2014

Advocates applaud a program designed to reduce farmers’ emotional distress and suicide. But the larger problem of economic uncertainty remains. Another researcher says the program should be expanded to reach ag workers in general, not just farm owners.... READ MORE

Grave Concerns About Rural Cemeteries

As families pull up roots or die out, more and more rural communities are faced with a difficult question: Who will tend the graves?... READ MORE

Opinion: The Horror of Separation on the U.S. Border

The tradition of close family ties should make rural Americans especially sensitive to the plight of immigrant parents and children. ... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Father’s Day

“My dad was no Joan of Arc. He thought being a good citizen was taking out the garbage, paying most of your taxes, and not parking in front of the fireplug. But he did this one thing that no one saw coming.”... READ MORE

At Emporia’s Bourbon Cowboy Bar, a Woman Who Stayed Ahead of the Herd

Susan Brinkman became the first certified female entrepreneur bar owner in Kansas when she bought an old JCPenney's building, got a 160-year-old prohibition rule overturned and opened Bourbon Cowboy in downtown Emporia.... READ MORE

Groups Like Farm Bill’s Restoration of Rural Development Undersecretary

Unlike the House bill, which died on the floor three weeks ago, the Senate version of the farm bill preserves nutrition funding and conservation programs. The Senate ag committee will review the bipartisan bill Wednesday.... READ MORE

Popular Park-Funding Program Set to Expire

The ballfields, wildlife habitat, trails and other amenities created through the Land and Water Conservation Fund serve communities all over the nation. “There’s not a person in rural Montana, not an American citizen, who hasn’t been impacted by a LWCF project,” says one advocate.... READ MORE

Economic, Racial Divides Cause More Worry than Rural-Urban Divide

What does it mean to be a good citizen? How do you grade yourself on civic participation? Communications strategist Tom Cosgrove says that rural people have a rich story to tell when working through the divided politics of the moment.... READ MORE


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