Minn.’s Most Rural Districts Offer Diverging Views of U.S. Under Trump’s Tariffs

Both races are close, and they're part of a year in which Minnesota voters will see a ballot crammed with competitive races.... READ MORE

Fast Takes | When ‘Rural’ Means Metropolitan

A list of affluent “rural” counties includes some usual suspects and some that are just suspect, period. | A vision of rural: “hidebound by feudalism and poverty.” | Campaigning on rural health in Texas.... READ MORE

Rural Gains Jobs Slowly While New Employment Clusters in Cities

The urban core of the nation’s largest cities gained 1.7% more jobs in the last year, while the most remote rural counties gained only 0.3%. With one exception, the smaller the county, the smaller its percentage job growth was.... READ MORE

Fast Takes | The Latest Clone of the Empowerment Zone

Call them what you will, creating investment opportunities in distressed areas has a long history. Their impact? Mixed. | Rural-urban divide overstated. | SNAP work requirements will hit urban and rural equally, report says.... READ MORE

Slaughterhouse Workers by the Numbers

Slaughterhouse workers earn more in Nebraska. Coastal North Carolina has the greatest number of workers. And southeast Mississippi workers earn the least. An interactive data set explores the width and breadth of slaughterhouse employment in America.... READ MORE

Perfect Storm of Factors Makes Fires Bigger, Harder to Control

Climate change, past forest and fire management practices, housing development, increased focus on community protection and the professionalization of wildfire management have all come together to make fighting wildfires more difficult.... READ MORE

Rural ISP Director Says Report Gives False Impression

Dale Merten runs a small telephone and internet service provider in rural Washington state. He’s bullish on broadband but not as keen about the methodology of an internet speed study published in the Daily Yonder.... READ MORE

Opinion: Trump’s $12 Billion PR Stunt

Instead of posturing to look like he supports farmers, the president should be pushing for reforms in agricultural programs that would actually help the little guy.... READ MORE

Where Have All the Privies Gone?

When you’re squatting by a tractor tire hoping no one drives by or stumbling through poison ivy to answer nature's call, an outhouse would sure come in handy. But where do you find one?... READ MORE


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