Friday, September 4, 2015

No Larry, No Darrells. Just Good Pork


James Stovall Larry Darrell & Darrell in Mayfield, Kentucky Daily Yonder James Stovall is the barbecue master at Larry, Darrell & Darrell in Mayfield, Kentucky.

I never mind driving through Western Kentucky because I know I’ll eventually pass through Mayfield. And when I’m in Mayfield, it means I can eat pork barbecue at Larry, Darrell & Darrell.

First, there is no Larry and no Darrell. There is only James Stovall, who doesn’t need much help.

Stovall began his career by entering barbecue contests in Western Kentucky. The region has a reputation for the world’s best country ham and the countryside is filled with cooks who think they know best how to barbecue pork. Stovall won more than his share of cook-offs and he eventually opened a restaurant in the county seat town in the far western nub of Kentucky.

It wasn’t a restaurant, really, just a trailer and pit situated in an empty lot just downhill from the courthouse. He called it Larry, Darrell & Darrell, likely from the characters in the old Bob Newhart television show. Stovall would poke his head out the trailer’s window and push out the barbecue. You could eat at some picnic tables or just take it home. 

The last time we came through Mayfield, we found that Stovall had moved from the lot near the courthouse to a for-real restaurant on South 6th St. 

If you jump to the next page, you’ll see what’s served at Larry, Darrell & Darrell.

Larry Darrell & Darrell in Mayfield, Kentucky Daily Yonder The pork plate at Larry, Darrell & Darrell.



Being a native of NC where barbecue is a religion and living in TN where only Memphis (too far away for us in E. TN) has a barbecue tradition, I'm always curious how people douse their pig.  So what type of sauce do they use in W. Ky?


I'm trying to remember.

Sauce in Western Kentucky is red, as you can see in the photo. But it's pretty vinagary. I don't know about the yellow bottle. I think the hotter the sauce, the less red.

Okay, now we have a reason to get back to Mayfield -- a thorough investigation of the sauce!!!