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A Hand-Crafted Jingle for Your Business or Event

  • $500

By day he’s a slightly grumpy news editor trying to say one step ahead of his inbox. By night, he’s part of the third-most-popular husband-and-wife folk-music duo in Norris, Tennessee (pop. 1,600). Let Tim Marema create a 30-second musical jingle for your website or podcast or whatever. Tim will learn about your enterprise, write lyrics, and record the song for your use. He’ll deliver it in a suitable audio format for you to use with video or an audio embed or as the music track for your national advertising campaign. The fine print: Tim says he ain’t no stinking Barry Manilow, so don’t expect the jingle to sound like “Weekends Were Made for Michelob” (for the young folks, that was a jingle that ran on television incessantly during the Carter years). It’s likely to sound more like this [dales’friedpies] or this[when you read the daily yonder]. The jingle will most likely be set to a traditional American tune of some sort, and the instrumentation will be simple and clean.


Community Theater Package

  • $250

Calling Whitney Kimball Coe a community-theater enthusiast is an understatement. If she’s not in the audience at a production of her local theater, that means only one thing: She’s in the play. Share Whitney’s enthusiasm for the local dramatic arts with this premium. Whitney will get you two tickets to any community theater performance around the country. The offer is good for the 2016-17 dramatic season. She’ll spring for a total of $40 – more than enough for most local productions.


Goodwill Surprise

  • $250

Whitney Kimball Coe is a master Goodwill shopper. Her finds have included the entire six-season DVD set of Northern Exposure, designer-brand clothing, a string of (real) pearls, and a retro hot-pink portable cassette player. Win this premium, and Whitney will hit the thrift stores on your behalf, promising to deliver with a Goodwill surprise that will delight and impress you.


Daily Yonder Fleece Jacket

  • $200

Whitney Coe models our latest, greatest piece of schwag: The fleece jacket. Just like a hoodie, except without the hood, this jacket is super warm for its weight and just as fashionable.


A Soft-Sided Cooler for your next trip out Yonder

  • $150

This can handle more than just lunch. The versatile carry-all works as a duffel bag AND an insulated 12-can cooler! This rugged bag has a spacious main compartment with U-shaped zipper closure that holds up to 12 cans plus ice. Pockets provide plenty of storage space—utilize two side mesh pockets with zipper closure and one large front pocket with zipper closure for better organization of essentials.

long sleeve 2_0

Daily Yonder Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  • $100

It was time to acknowledge that it gets cold for time to time so we have ordered up some long sleeve shirts. This rascal will start conversations unless you wear it under a coat, vest, poncho, or when you are alone. It works well in all of those situations, just ask Sam.

travel mug2

Daily Yonder Travel Mug

  • $75

The story is that somebody thought this mug looked a little like an old girlfriend, at least if you squinted. One thing is for sure, you are not going to leave this beauty behind when you leave the house.


Daily Yonder Logo Water Bottle

  • $75

The National Rural Assembly provided similar water bottles at the Gathering in June 2013. The refill stations throughout the conference hotel got a great workout. One participant complained that his got carried off by a college student related to him by birth. Now is your chance to get your own!


Daily Yonder Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • $75

We have been out in public when complete strangers have come up and asked to buy the shirt off our back. It wasn't just any shirt they wanted. These people were willing to give up obscene amounts of cash for a Daily Yonder "Keep It Rural" T-shirt. Now the shirt can be yours for a $75 contribution. Designate a size (from Small to Large -- sorry, we're out of Extra Large).


Daily Yonder Bandana

  • $50

Complete your wardrobe with the stylish and useful Daily Yonder bandana.


Daily Yonder Bumper Sticker

  • $25

Before the Tweet there was the Honk. Show your support for the Daily Yonder through this tried-and-true social networking method, the bumper sticker. The Yonder logo is guaranteed to complement any other political, social or satirical messages that may currently adorn your truck, four-wheeler or automobile.


Seeds with Every Premium (While They Last!)

  • $25

A gift from our sister organization the National Rural Assembly will be included with every premium level. This seed packet contains a mixture of basil, dill, marjoram, and savory seeds, just what you need for that window box planter.


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