Viewfinder: Peter Crabtree

  • In 2015, photographer Peter Crabtree drove coast-to-coast-to-coast, documenting an institution that lies at the heart of many -- if not most -- small cities: the small-town newspaper. He came home with a portfolio full of these unique places and the characters that inhabit them.

Clutter Is Relative

  • A man at work behind a desk stacked with papers, staring at a computer monitor. Peter Crabtree takes us inside the den of a newspaper editor and renaissance writer in a Californian desert city.

Newsprint: ‘Still in Print … I Checked’

  • The simple but serviceable archive of the Ely News in Ely, Nevada, is a small monument to what it takes to put out the news week after week. The photo is part of Peter Crabtree's Newsprint series.

Newsprint: Ink Stains and Goss Presses

  • Photographer Peter Crabtree takes us into the belly of the to get a look at how the Hi-Desert Star newspaper is printed. This is the latest installment of Peter's series "Newsprint," featuring photos from small town newspapers across the county.

Newsprint: Where the Buffalo and Batman Roam

  • Practical meets whimsical in a real-life diorama on a window ledge in the newsroom of the Rawlins (Wyoming) Daily Times. Take a look inside as we feature another picture from Peter Crabtree's portfolio "Newsprint."

Newsprint: All Quiet at the County Courant

  • While the town of Wall, South Dakota, swarmed with tourists visiting the famous Wall Drug store ("Free Ice Water"), things were quieter at the office of the local newspaper, the Pennington County Courant. Enjoy another "Newsprint" photo from Peter Crabtree's series on small newspapers across the United States.

Newsprint: Subterranean Hometown News

  • America's small-town newsrooms still crank out the local news for readers. Peter Crabtree captured the look and feel of these institutions as he traveled the U.S. We'll feature several of Peter's newspaper photos over the next few weeks. Here's one of our favorites.

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