Elections and Politics: Obama’s Fuel Standards Could Affect Clinton in Iowa

In a roundup of rural-related political news from the around the country, Bill Bishop looks at Clinton in Iowa, Native Americans in local office across the U.S., and Maine state senate seats.... READ MORE

A gravy boat, left, sits between the author's parents. The author, Richard, is seated far left.

Letter from Langdon: Keep Stirring

Richard Oswald has discovered the secret to successful gravy: Lots of milk and lots of elbow grease.... READ MORE

Basketball court, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, on the Utah/Arizona border. Photo via Hoopedia.

A New Season Starts for a Time-Honored Game: ‘Rez Ball’

On the reservations of northeastern Arizona, high school basketball players play on dirt courts during the day and in packed arenas on game nights. They run, gun, then run some more. This is Rez Ball.... READ MORE

Politics and Elections: Turnout Didn’t Turn ‘My Blue State Red’

It’s an old saw that poor, white, rural communities are failing to vote for their own economic interests. But if neither party seems capable of improving rural conditions, are economic interests even on the ballot.... READ MORE

Yearning to breathe  free: A refugee holds her infant and fills out an application at a United Nations refugee center in Lebanon in 2014. (World Bank Photo Collection)

Speak Your Piece: Send Syrian Refugees to Rural America

Rural America is long on opportunity and short on people. If the rest of America doesn’t want an influx of courageous and determined new residents, send them our way.    ... READ MORE

Quick Takes: ‘We Can Wire Rural America’

U.S. Representative Rick Nolan (D-MN-8th) wants a New-Deal like agency to get rural America online. But he doesn’t have much company in Congress so far.... READ MORE

Youth from the tribal school of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa are attending the conference. (All photos courtesy of the Blandin Foundation)

Taking Broadband ‘Border to Border’

Minnesota leaders gather to create a vision for a statewide broadband plan. It starts with a reference to clearing the air.... READ MORE

Non-Returning Rural Representatives

A rundown of which rural representatives are leaving office, regulating biotech in food production, and a brief respite in the "War on Coal™"... READ MORE


Farmers: The Thanks They Get

The annual report on the “farmers’ share” of retail food spending shows about 16 cents on the dollar goes into the farmer’s pocket. The rest supports processing, distribution, marketing, and other non-farm expenses.... READ MORE

Rural broadband advocate Wally Bowen. Photo by Amy Thompson Peterzell.

Wally Bowen: He Put Rural on the Map – and on the Internet

Wally Bowen, a familiar and friendly face in national efforts to create better communications policy for rural America, and a leader in demonstrating the use of innovative technology, has died. Bowen’s colleagues reflect on his contribution to policies and programs that help rural America connect.... READ MORE


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