Daily Yonder based on county-level primary returns

Clinton Wins by Bigger Margin in Cities, Trump in Rural

Trump continues to show greater popularity among rural Republicans. Although Clinton won handily, Sanders decreased the margin or won among rural Democrats.... READ MORE

Couch's 'The Small-Town Midwest: Resilience and Hope in the Twenty-First Century '

Letter from Langdon: Review of ‘The Small-Town Midwest’

Julianne Couch’s new book, The Small-Town Midwest: Resilience and Hope in the Twenty-First Century, is a road trip through five Midwestern states that highlights common experience and community leaders.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Why Big Media Don’t Understand Middle America

The highest-profile pundits live in a bubble that cuts them off from the mood and temperament of Americans who don't live on the coasts. That's why they got the Campaign 2016 so wrong.... READ MORE

The Broadwing Farm Cabins in Hot Springs, North Carolina. Accommodations and Food Services is one industry where rural counties lead the way in the rate of nonemployer establishments. (Hot Springs, though a small town, is actually in a metropolitan county -- Marshall, which is part of the Asheville Metropolitan Statistical Area.

‘Gig Economy’: Rural Counties Lead the Way in Several Categories

In the last decade, small cities and rural areas saw less growth than metro in the “gig economy” – which includes temporary jobs, contracted labor, and self-employment. But in eight of 18 industries, rural areas led the way. Some of the categories may surprise you.


Photo by Lance Booth.

In the Black: Tug of War with 1,000 Volts

When heavy equipment pulls a power cable “as tight as a banjer string,” something has to give.... READ MORE

Nurse Dawn Daly-Mack tends a patient at the Community Health Center at Halifax Regional in Halifax County, North Carolina.  The  health center is attached to the hospital's emergency department. Photo by Shawn Poynter

Speak Your Piece: Health-Care Innovation, Not Intervention

An urban-focused, cookie-cutter approach to rural medicine isn’t the answer, according to a North Carolina philanthropy. Instead, rural communities need to develop their own assets and approaches based on their own needs. The “Innovations in Rural Health Award” seeks to find models that can work in other rural settings.... READ MORE

Trump won large and small cities and rural areas by large margins. On the Democratic side, Clinton saw her 2008 rural advantage evaporate, though she won statewide by 15 points.

New York’s Democratic Rural Vote Goes to Sanders

Eight years ago, when Hillary Clinton faced Barack Obama in the New York primary, she won two thirds of the rural vote. This year, she lost rural New York by about 20 points. On the GOP side, Trump wins across the board.... READ MORE

At least half of rural counties gained nonemployer establishments after adjusting for population change. Counties in the deep South gained while counties in the Northeast and West lost such jobs. A possible explanation could be that as the number of “traditional” jobs falls, the gig economy increases to compensate.

‘Gig Economy’: While U.S. Gains, Rural Shows Net Loss

One national study finds that the proportion of “alternative work arrangements” like freelancing and self-employment is on the rise. But by one measurement, rural America’s gig economy declined over a similar period. What’s going on?... READ MORE

A worker selling Trump paraphernalia stands outside the Grundy, Virginia, Wal-Mart to pitch T-shirts and hats. Photo by Benjamin Lowy for the Wall Street Journal

Election 2016: Newspapers Seek to Explain Rural Voter Preferences

From Missouri to Virginia, national press are digging into the rural primary vote, looking for reasons for the popularity of Trump and Sanders.



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