People of Watauga County, North Carolina, home of the town of Boone, as well as the folks in four surrounding rural counties, will be served by the Wilkes Regional Medical Center.

Help for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Clients in Western North Carolina

A new crisis center for mental health patients in five North Carolina mountain counties will work to relieve the pressure on emergency departments.... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

In the Black: Toughing It Out

Working underground 16 hours straight takes its toll on the body, and being cut by a utility knife and dragged by a power cable doesn't help one bit.... READ MORE

The "gig" economy is good for businesses, who can outsource work to contract works, but can make it hard for small freelancers to survive in their fields. Photo by  Juan Carlos Ulate/Reuters

People on the Land: A Personal Look at the Gig Economy

An unexpected turn of events accelerates a community development scholar’s entry into the gig economy. Equal parts challenge and opportunity, gigging is increasingly the way Americans work.... READ MORE

While running for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump received more votes in city of Los Angeles than in the state of West Virginia.

False: The Angry Rural Voter Narrative

If you've read/seen/listened to any media about this year's election you're likely to come away with the idea that rural America is the reason Donald Trump won the Republican primary. But is it?... READ MORE


Speak Your Piece: Paddling the Elk River

Two adventuring canoeists paddle the length of West Virginia’s Elk River, 180-some miles of it, to rally support for the proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument.... READ MORE

A farmer looks after cattle on his farm on in Spalding, Nebraska.   Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Letter from Langdon: Death, Taxes, and Farming

When it comes to taxes, farmers can’t win for losing.


This photo from the second presidential debate makes it look as if Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are singing a duet. They weren't. Photo by Patrick Semansky/Associated Press

Politics & Elections: Alienation Rates Higher in Rural Areas than in Cities

A new poll finds that rural Americans are twice as likely to feel left behind by the nation's culture and economy than urban residents. Researchers say the rift between poor rural residents and more affluent urban residents is the "San Andreas Fault" of politics.... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

In the Black: Foreman — In Sickness and In Health

A mine foreman has to live up to his vows, or he won't be married to the job for long.... READ MORE

A farmer drives his tractor past a soybean field toward grain storage bins near Ladora, Iowa. Photo by the Associated Press.

Portrait of a Midwestern Harvest

The culture of farming is hard to define and mark down into neat rows and checkboxes . So is defining who is and who isn’t a farmer. Today, the barriers to being officially identified as a farmer are low, but the roadblocks to making it work as a full-time career are as high as ever.... READ MORE


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