The author, Allan Sents, middle right, after a day on Capitol Hill in February lobbying on behalf of changes in meat-market rules. Also pictured are (left) Lia Biondo, U.S. Cattlemen’s Association policy & communications coordinator; Deanna Sents, wife of Allan Sents; and (right) Jordan Ebert, USCA policy & research fellow.

A Call to Cattlemen: Support Rules that Will Restore Order in the Marketplace

The American values of competition and independence are being crushed by the selfish actions of major livestock trade associations. The U.S. needs to clarify the rules that are supposed to keep meat markets fair for all, not just enormous corporate buyers.... READ MORE

Lightning strikes in a field at Montana's American Prairie Reserve. Photograph by Dennis J. Lingohr

‘The Last Best Chance’ to Restore an Ecosystem

With equal parts vision and pragmatism, the American Prairie Preserve attempts to create the largest-scale conservation project in North America. The plan includes the purchase of private lands, easements for public lands, and efforts to share economic benefits with local residents.... READ MORE

Darvin Bentlage is a fourth-generation farmer from Golden City, Missouri. He was uninsured before the ACA and featured in a video from the Department of Health and Human Services supporting the law. (Department of Health and Human Services website)

Once Nearly Buried By Medical Bills, A Farmer Braces For Insurance Drought

With preexisting conditions that made insurance “impossibly expensive,” Darvin Bentlage found coverage through the Affordable Care Act. He worries that the Republican proposal will put him back where he was – hoping nothing goes wrong and refinancing the farm when it does.... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

What Seemed Like a ‘Harmless’ Shortcut Looks Different a Few Years Later

As a newly minted foreman, Gary sometimes finds himself evaluating his own work from a few years before. He doesn't always like what he finds.... READ MORE

A Natural Resource Conservation Service employee (left) based in a Utah Service Center helps assess native grasses with workers at a range-land restoration project. The budget proposal calls for staff cuts at USDA Service Centers around the country. (USDA via flckr)

President’s Proposed Budget Recommends Deep Cuts in Rural Programs

USDA's Rural Development, which helps provide water, power, broadband, housing, and small business loans in rural America, gets identified for deep cuts in the president's budget proposal. The proposal, which is just the first salvo in the budget battle, also recommends eliminating agencies like the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Delta Regional Authority.... READ MORE

Photo by Chad Stevens/Rural Archive

The Biggest Losers under ‘Trumpcare’ — Rural Women

The Republican healthcare proposal has rural women in the crosshairs for service cuts and higher insurance costs. Changing the healthcare law also raises the specter of losing reproductive health guarantees that are part of the Affordable Care Act.... READ MORE

A farm north of Cortez in Montezuma County, Colorado. Parts of county are a patchwork of private and public land, increasing the impact of public land policy on residents. (Gates Frontiers Fund Colorado Collection within the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.)

Trump Likely to Stop New BLM Land Planning that Sought to Include Community Voices

President Trump appears ready to roll back Obama-administration regulations that sought to give local residents more of a voice in land-use planning at the Bureau of Land Management. Citizen groups say the change will benefit oil and gas companies at the expense of residents.... READ MORE

Review: ‘Milk Men’ Documentary Delivers

Jan Haaken’s film shatters myths about American dairy farming and brings the much-needed voices of farmers into the debate on food production. The film is the perfect place to begin discussions about animal care, agricultural economics, gender roles, conservation, and a dozen other topics.... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

He Survived a Disaster and Lived Long Enough to Change His Ways

Arvil had hair like Elvis, gave unsolicited advice to the corporate bosses, never cheated on his wife (exactly), and lived through one of the most notorious mining disasters in modern U.S. history.



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