Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The 50 Most Democratic Rural Counties


The 50 most Democratic rural or exurban counties in the country provide a good bit of variety. (See the chart above.)

There's tropical (Maui County, Hawaii); Indian (Shannon County, South Dakota); African American (Jefferson County, Mississippi); Northern (Franklin County, Massachusetts); and down-on-the-border (Maverick County, Texas).

There are also, of course, the impossibly hip counties of Taos (New Mexico), Dukes (on Cape Cod) and Presidio (home to the hipster Mecca, Marfa, Texas). 

Want to live in rural America but also around other Democrats? Your list of possible new homes is at the top of this page. 




Dukes County is NOT Cape Cod but rather the island towns on Martha's Vineyard and Gosnold (the Elizabeth Islands) in Buzzard's Bay. Cape Cod is Barnstable County.

Hilltowner should know

Hilltowner is from those parts, so he knows. Besides, the only thing hipper than Cape Cod is Martha's Vinyard!!

But would you like it?

Yes, I agree that these places are Democratic! I am a liberal Democrat who would love the rural life. But I wouldn't want to feel unwelcomed by a bunch of Republicans. 

But mostly all these counties are either Indian Reservations, extremely poor black communties, or high population Latino areas. 

I'd say for liberals who want rural go to Vermont. It is beautiful small town Amrerica without all the conservative wackos! 

The only one on the list worth looking into is Taos, NM. IMHO.